Help Us Meet the Challenge: Truck for Homes



No truck, no furniture pickups.  No furniture pickups, no sales. More importantly, the ReStore helps to fund our construction programs. So, no truck means no homes. Our two trucks are aging fast and are always in need of repair. In the last year, we have spent thousands of dollars to keep them on the road. To replace one of our trucks will cost at least $50,000.


Thankfully, our plight did not go unnoticed.


A generous individual recognized the importance of a reliable truck to our mission.  He offered a challenge – raise $25,000 and he will match it with $25,000 by the end of September.


We are asking you to help us to meet the challenge by raising $25,000.  No gift is too small! We have already received gifts from other generous donors!  Help us raise enough to get to our goal!

What is the ReStore?

Habitat for Humanity in Monmouth established a ReStore in 2002 as a self-sustaining funding source for the organization and to provide our local communities with low-cost furniture, home-improvement and building materials. All proceeds support Habitat’s commitment to building homes in partnership with low-income, hardworking families and individuals in 83% of Monmouth County. Since 2015, the ReStore has diverted over 2 million pounds of unwanted materials from landfills.