Housing Programs

Habitat for Humanity in Monmouth County builds strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. We are committed to partnering with families to build safe, affordable homes. Every home is a building block.

Thank you for your interest in Habitat for Humanity in Monmouth County.  We are not taking in-person appointments, but we are responding to emails and phone calls.  

We are now accepting applications for a home to be built in Atlantic Highlands and future homes in Monmouth County.

If you are interested in applying for a home, or need services in connection with our A Brush with Kindness or Ramps and Rails program, please complete and submit the pre-qualification form.  We will acknowledge the receipt of these forms, conduct an initial review of your request and keep your information on file if you meet the basic initial requirements.  Please contact Marianne for more information at mherring@habitatmonmouth.org, or call 732-728-0441, ext. 311.

Who do we serve?

Habitat partners with people who meet three basic criteria: 

1. Need: Applicants will be eligible for our program if they currently live or work in Monmouth, Ocean or Mercer County, and are living under conditions that are not adequate based on size, structural condition, or safety concerns.

2. Ability to Pay: Applicants must have a steady income to pay a low interest mortgage. We serve people whose income is between 35% to 70% of Monmouth County’s  area median income.  Income limits are available by clicking here.

3. Willingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity in Monmouth County: When selected, you become a “partner family” in the Habitat movement. Your participation in the construction of your home and the homes of others is called “sweat equity”.  Families are required to complete 250-400 hours of “sweat equity”, depending on family size, prior to closing on their homes.


We rely on an extensive range of partners to complete our work. From securing donated materials to recruiting skilled volunteers to fundraising. All of our work is interconnected with a wide network of community partners. Habitat for Humanity in Monmouth County offers an affordable homeownership program that services low-income, hardworking families and individuals. By partnering with volunteers, corporations, donors, youth and congregations we are making the dream of homeownership a reality. We carefully select families and individuals for each house we build or rehabilitate.

Please click here to complete the initial pre-qualification form. Once received, someone from our office will contact you to review your information.


What paperwork is required to apply?

If you meet the basic criteria, you will be asked to complete a multi-page application including a form which allows us to request consumer reports.  You will be asked to submit recent pay stubs and will be asked to provide copies of your income tax returns.

What does a Habitat home look like?

Typically, we build a three bedroom, one and a half bath ranch home.  This may vary depending on the individual lot.

How much does the home cost?

The cost of the home will vary depending on the location where it is built.  An appraisal will be done on each home to determine the selling price.  In most cases, there will be a first and second mortgage.  The first mortgage will be a low interest loan, generally with a monthly payment (including principal, interest, taxes and insurance) that would not exceed 33% of a family’s gross monthly income.  The second mortgage will be a non-amortizing zero percent rate loan which is only due and payable in the event of sale, foreclosure, or refinance.

Are there any restrictions regarding the resale of the home?

Yes, to insure that the home remains affordable, there will be deed restrictions on the property.  If the home is designated as a COAH home, there will be restrictions regarding the sale price to a future homeowner. (COAH is the Council on Affordable Housing, a NJ State Agency responsible for establishing and monitoring municipal affordable housing obligations in NJ.)  In cases where Habitat for Humanity has received Home funding assistance from Monmouth County, any resale will be subject to the County’s requirements that the home remain affordable for a period of fifteen years.  All other resales will be subject to the restrictions set forth in Habitat for Humanity in Monmouth County’s 30 year deed restriction.

Do I need money for a deposit?

We ask for a deposit of $2,500.00.  $100.00 is due upon signing the contract for sale.  The balance is due at closing. We will help you apply for the Monmouth County First Time Homebuyers Grant which, if approved, could provide up to $10,000 for closing costs and deposit.

Are there any additional upfront costs in addition to the deposit?

All selected families need to obtain a homeowners insurance policy, and flood insurance, if applicable, and come to closing with proof that the premiums for the first year are paid in full.

Is my credit score reviewed during the application process?

Our Family Selection committee will look at your credit score and overall credit worthiness.  A general guideline is that an applicant’s debt to income ratio should not exceed 43%.  In addition, an applicant must not have had a bankruptcy within the last two years.

Who decides which family is selected for a Habitat home?

Our Family Selection Committee reviews the applications and makes their recommendation to our Board of Trustees, who has final approval.

What other requirements would I need to fulfill prior to closing on the home?

All selected families are required to complete a Homebuyer Education Workshop and be certified by the Affordable Housing Alliance.  Other financial education courses may be required.

How long does it take to build a Habitat home?

It usually takes between 12 and 18 months to build a Habitat home. However, this varies with each home build.

Must I be a US citizen to apply?

Applicants must be US citizens or permanent legal residents to apply.